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Our Guarantee

Unparalleled support, Unparalleled service

Provide your business a convenient and efficient way to fully maintain infrastructure in the years to come.

Lower Costs

Reduce your costs, to use elsewhere in the business.

As you won’t be the only customer in a Coloation space, you will benefit from the economies of scale each Data Centre works on. The cost to the Data Centre for power is much less than if you were to run the same equipment in house. Therefore, you save money on power and work on considerably lower running costs for the same stack.

Peace of Mind

Never have to worry about your systems being online again.

Colocation Data Centres build sophisticated redundancies into their power supply, cooling grid and internet connectivity. This means that your systems will be online at all times, and you’ll never have to worry about redundant power supplies or backup connectivity again.

Room to Grow

Expand your IT space externally, so you have more room internally to grow.

Never worry about having space to buy that additional server, or how you’re going to fit that new firewall into your rack at the office. Once you move your infrastructure into Colocation you’ll never have to worry about room to expand again.

Are you investing far too much time and money to maintain your own data center?

Why not relocate it? Our Colocation data centres have fully redundant network connections ensuring that customers' business critical applications always run uninterrupted.

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