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Covid-19 has impacted much of how the world works; people are taking life at a slower pace, a flexible attitude to working has become more accepted and people are rethinking how they run their offices.

One of the trends related to the coronavirus pandemic is that businesses have accelerated their digital transformations in order to move more of their workloads and data into the cloud for home-based employees.

Colocation facilities are taking on added importance as enterprises embark on their digital transformations.

Enterprises and service providers are moving into colocation facilities so they can connect to the cloud, to IoT applications and services, and to other enterprises and service providers.

A colocation site is a data center facility where a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.

Most colocations include cooling power, bandwidth and physical security, while the customer provides servers and storage.

Many companies are realising the economic benefits of remote home working, with companies saving money on office rentals and investing in colocation space.

Using Colocation to run your IT equipment not only relieves the pressure of needing an office to run the equipment from, it also reduces company overheads and allows more flexibility with remote working.

All you need to get started with finding colocation space is knowing the location you need, the rack space you want, what bandwidth and power you require and let Kolokation do the rest.

You can get an instant price with no hidden fees or obligations.

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